Our Company


Gold Water International, Inc., hereafter referred to as GWI, is a company registered in the state of Connecticut in October 2013. The Company founder, Mr. Gui Li is a Chinese businessman who owns a $200 million manufacturing company in China that produces Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) components used in soundproofing and wind resistance. GWI is not a subsidiary of his company in China. Mr. Li has two minority partners of GWI, Vivian Jiang and Sunny Chen, a licensed Chinese attorney.

Growth and Vision

In June of 2015, GWI contracted Guru Enterprises Group to develop the strategy and business plans to achieve the objectives as set by the company founders.

GWI is a company that will, initially, focus on providing goods and services for the construction, both residential and commercial, and retail industries by identifying and contracting manufacturers and suppliers in the US, China and India and providing the necessary marketing, sales and distribution services.

We spent the initial period in researching the potential business opportunities most advantageous for developing trade between the United States, China and India and also identifying key personnel with the requisite qualifications and experience capable of meeting the management objectives. It was clear to the company founders that the personnel would specifically have the management knowledge, skills and understanding of dealing with US, Chinese and Indian business cultures. 

As part of its growth strategy, GWI will look for opportunities in other international markets and industries.