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The Advantages of FRP

Light Weight and High strength

The proportion of the composite material is only 1.7-1.8. Its density is small – the density of the composite material is only 1/4 of steel, 2/3 of aluminum and ten times the strength of rigid polyvinyl chloride plate. It is much stronger than aluminum and comparable to the strength of steel. 

Easy Installation and Low Cost

With low density, it can significantly reduce the base support needed and reduce the material cost of the project and the labor for installation. Only a small amount of manual and electric tools are required for cutting. It can be molded without cracking and therefore retain integrity and strength.

Good Impact Strength

The Composite sound barrier with high impact strength allows repeated bending without permanent deformation, unlike the metal sound barrier that can be permanently deformed by the impact, which requires repair. 

In the National Building Materials Testing Center conducted analysis, the composite sound barrier passed the fatigue test 450 times without breaking or deformation, proving that its performance is superior to similar products made in other materials.

Easy to Customize and Maintain

The surface of the materials can be made in various colors. Unlike the painted surface, the smooth surface is made of a resin composite with the self-cleaning effect. Dirt can also easily washed off with water and it will look like new.

Good Safety Performance

Composite sound barrier has excellent electrical insulation – below 10KV voltage, it won’t break down nor generate arcing phenomena, therefore, decreases the chance of electric shock.